Knitting chart/schematic

When knitting an afghan on circular needles do I follow the right to left reading of the chart on RS rows and left to right on WS rows? B/c I saw something that said if its circular knitting I should read all rows right to left regardless, but I figure that should only be the case if I actually joined the ends in a round, but since I actually turn the needles just as if I was knitting with straight needles I should read the schematic the way it is intended. R to L on RS and L to R on WS. I hope I didnt complicate that. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks.

Since you’re knitting rows back and forth the circular needle is only used to hold all the stitches. That’s not the same as using circular needles to [I]knit in the round[/I]. So read the pattern R to L on the RS rows and L to R on the WS rows.

Thank you sooo much for clarifying. That helps immensely.