Knitting chart help

Hey all. this is my first time posting here, but Im a bit stuck on a pattern. I need to draw a chart for a hat that Im making that is soccer themed. the problem is that my chart space is small, about 20 stitches by 17 rows. This can be changed a bit, but Im not sure its possible to draw a chart that will look like a soccer ball at that size. Maybe it is my lacking artistic skills? Does anyone have any idea what I could make to fit this space that is soccer themed, but not nessicarily soccer balls?

I confess that I know next to nothing about soccer. That puts me at a loss to suggest smaller things for a chart. All I can come up with is using stripes in team colors. Sorry.

I wish you luck in finding what you want for this project.

Since the soccer ball is such a recognizable graphic, I wonder if you could take a little artistic license with it? Draw a circle with a central patch in black on a white background and maybe 4 or 5 smaller black patches at the edges of the circle. I’ve done one at twice the size you have available but it was quite detailed, probably more than necessary.