Knitting chart help

I am knitting the bubble curtain from Mason Dixon knitting. I’ve never used a chart to knit before, and I’m a little confused.

The pattern says the chart shows an 18 stitch repeat, but I only count 17 stitches. It looks like you could (or should?) add a regular knit st after the 17th st, but I wasn’t sure if that would throw the pattern off.

The chart shows stitches as follows (I’m listing the stitches in a long list, but they appear horizontally in the chart)

st1: K2tog
st2: YO
st3: K
st4: K2tog
st5: YO
st6: K
st7: K2tog
st8: YO
st9: K
st10: K2tog
st11: YO
st12: K
st13: K2tog
st14: YO
st15: K
st16: K2tog
st17: YO

Notice that the last repeat (K2tog, YO) is NOT followed by a plain k st, as the other repeats show.

Am I missing something with following the chart? Should it have 18 columns or blocks corresponding to 18 st? It only has 17 columns/blocks, so does that mean the pattern is wrong or does it mean that there’s something I’m missing about following charts?

Thanks for your help!

Surely adding that knit stitch at the end would then make it an 18 stitch pattern?

It would also make sense to have the knit stitch at the end following the yo.

that’s exactly what I thought, but I wanted consensus before knitting and ripping it out.


Are you casting on only 18 for the pattern or are you doing repeats within it?

The pattern has you repeat the 18-sts 5 times.

Does the pattern say it has an 18 stitch repeat or a 17 + 1 repeat?

How many stitches does it have you cast on? Does the chart have an outlined place that calls itself a pattern repeat, or do you just do the one chart over and over?