Knitting Chart Generator

This could have been mentioned in the forums somewhere, but i wasn’t able to find any… :smiley:

so I was desperately looking for chart generators, since I learned knitting by looking at charts… and I found a perfect one!


this chart generator has most of the common stitches…
and it does pretty much everything for me, so it’s perfect!
also, if you contact the creator by using the feedback for any bugs or suggestions, the creator will take that into account and somehow change it, if possible

I myself wanted to read the odd rows right to left and even rows left to right, so I emailed the creator and the next thing i realize is that that option is available!

it’s really good if you like chart over written instructions, i think

just throwing this information out there :woohoo:

I’ve never seen that one! Thanks for sharing! I have idea how to use it, but maybe at some point. :teehee:

ETA: Duh… they have a help page.

That’s fantastic! Just what I’ve been looking for, actually. Have some design ideas in my head but was [U]dreading[/U] having to line and fill in my own charts!


Thanks so much! I had one bookmarked that only knew about four basic stitches, and was more of a hindrance than a help. This is a great find, thanks for sharing!

No problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing