Knitting Charities

Tell us about your knitting charity!

Here’s a website that lists knitting charities by state: Woolworks’ Knitting for Charity page.

If you have a charity group, post about it here, if you like, and also get it listed on the Woolworks site! Be sure to include your contact info. You may also want to include the address to send donations to, and any specifications about patterns. Pictures and links to patterns are great! (Use “Add an Attachment” to include a picture in your post.)

Thanks for your important charity work!

Now is a great time to do Charity knitting! Yarn is often on sale right now (like THIS week, the week after Christmas). And your Christmas projects are (hopefully!) done.

Lynda and I have corresponded, and she asked me to post this info and picture for her. Good luck Lynda, and thanks for your great work out there in Detroit! --Amy

Hello Amy,

My name is Lynda, Founder of Angels of Detroit. I hope you will help us.

[In late November] Fox channel 2 aired a program Holiday Connection. I was featured on that show. My group is small, but what we do is big. We make hats, scarves, and mittens for the homeless. We took our first package to COTS a week ago. The faces of the children were wonderful! They were getting something brand new and had never been worn before. I am enclosing a pic of some of the kids.

You asked about the patterns. People can use any hat, scarf, or mitten pattern they want! That is one of the neat things. That way if some one wants to put out a couple of things quickly they can or go more elabrate if they want to. Sizes go from 2 years old to adult so there is a large range to choose from.

My e-mail address is:

thank you so much.
Lynda Bolich Angels of Detroit Founder

oh man! that is such a great picture! my daughter and her friends have been looking for a knitting charity. (inspired by the teen knitting club book!) i’ll show her and her best friend this picture after school tomorrow. i’m sure it will motivate them, and they all do beautiful work.

thanks for doing this!