Knitting cast

Hi can someone tell me when you are casting on for a sweater and the pattern reads cast on x amount then increase to x amount can I cast on the full amount of stitchs and knit from there any help appreciated

I think would depend on the type of sweater. The construction or how it is to fit. the person.

Yes it depends on the style of the sweater but many sweaters are a bit cinched at the bottom where the ribbing is and increasing is done after the ribbing to create that cinch or more gathered look. If you start with the full amount of stitches you will lose that look and the sweater will just look straight. You can definitely start with the full amount though and it could still look very nice. :blush:

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I’m not sure I understand the question… The way you are talking about it seems like you cast on so many stitches and then you increase by so many stitches… Is this all done in one cast on… or is the pattern saying to cast on and then increase so many times in the next row, or is the pattern telling you to cast on and rib for so many rows and then to increase the # of stitches so many times across that row? It seems odd to me that the pattern says to co and inc in the same row… :slight_smile:

I would say yes to casting on the total amount of stitches possibly on a smaller size needle and increase the needle size after a few rows to give a similar effect.

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It would be better if you could post the pattern so we can actually see the instructions and maybe a photo.

It would help if you’d post the pattern name and link to the pattern if possible. Even if it’s a purchased pattern or in a book the name would be helpful. Please don’t post the pattern here as it’s a copyright issue.

I would say no. The instructions are written that way for a reason. Follow the designers instructions for the best project outcome.