Knitting cardigan help

Hi Knitting help, I’m in the process of knitting a cardigan. But then I ran upon a question. Please help me if you can and understand what mean. Thanks in advance.

Here’s the instruction for making the pocket :
Co 24sts and ss 33 rows beg with a k row.
Inc row: p2, (m1, p4) 5 times , m1, p2 (30 sts).

For the pocket instruction I understand but here comes the tricky part for me.

Place pocket
Next row: pattern 13 [18, 23, 28, 33], skip 30 sts onto a stitch holder and work across 30 sts left on a stitch holder for 1st pocket lining as follow: p1, (k1,p1)4 times, p2, c4b, p5, c3b, c3f, p4, pattern to end.

So with that instruction I’m lost and I’m not sure if I need to make the pocket lining and connect or just continue the row from previous with the pocket instruction from above.

Can you tell us the name of the pattern and give a link? There are hundreds of patterns and all are a bit different.

Ok I’m sorry. I’ll like you the link and the name of it. Here is the link:
The pattern is the first row 3rd one.

The directions for the pocket actually sound like the pocket [I]lining[/I]. Make that and put the 30sts of the last row on a holder.
To place the pocket, you’re replacing 30sts of the sweater with the 30 held sts of the lining. So pattern across however many sts for your size, put the next 30sts on a holder, pick up the pocket lining and knit the 30sts onto the right hand needle in the pattern with cables as given and then continue with the remainder of the front.
This lining will form the back of the pocket. The 30 held sts from the body will form the front of the pocket and may have a ribbed border added to them.

ETA: The Paloma pattern

Ok thank you. I’ll give it a try and if I get confused again I’ll just skip the pocket. So if I skip the pocket part so I just go down to the next bold instruction which is the shape front edge or do I go down to the shape shoulder?

If you skip the pocket, you’ll need to “Continue in pattern as set throughout until left front measures…”. Then proceed with Shape Front Edge.

So the pattern that I need to do will be the end one correct starting off with p1, (k1,p1)… Correct or is it the one for row 24?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying but you work rows 1-24 twice according to the directions. Then work rows 1 and 2 again. Place pocket is row 3 and Next row is row 4. The pattern continues from there (rows 5-24) and repeats.
You should be able to see at this point that the pattern is continuing with cables in the correct place.