Knitting cardigan - Cable instructions help

I have been successful until this instruction and perhaps I’m thinking too hard. Row 15…please help

The part that has me confused is the very first part; work across front in cable pattern and Garter st…it’w WS so it is purl but garter is knit every row…which am I doing for this portion and why?

A wrong side row (ws) isn’t necessarily all purl. Part of the cable pattern may indeed be purl (and some sts might be knit) but, as you say, garter stitch is knit every row. So work across the cable pattern purling (and maybe knitting) and work the garter stitch sts in knit. In fact there are directions after the slip marker to knit sts.

What pattern are you working?

It’s a pattern from Craftsy called The Big Cable which is a cardigan. I know of thought that’s what the instructions meant but I was clear based on one little word. Thank you for clarification.