Knitting calorimetry, need help with gauge

Hi all,

I think my brain is just not working, math-wise. I’ve heard that this pattern knits up too large, even if gauge matches:

Sooo… I’m trying it out with a finer yarn and smaller needles. Berroco Jasper (such a nice soft wool, I’m spoiling myself :slight_smile: ) is maybe a light worsted? I’m trying my swatch on #6 needles and getting 5 sts/inch when slightly stretched.

Am I right that if I CO the 120 sts the pattern calls for, I’ll end up with a 24" headband? Does this mean it will be too big? I measured my head, headband-style, and it was 23". Should I CO fewer sts and/or do fewer "Repeat row 5"s??



I CO 96 stitches for mine, but I was using Malabrigo Worsted and US 8 needles, although I knit pretty tight. The length was good for me–just stretched enough to stay put, but not so much that it looks weird or is too tight. I actually made 2, one with 10 repeats of row 5 and one with 12 repeats of row 5. The one with 12 repeats turned out to be just right for me–more (at least for mine) would have been too much. I believe I was getting roughly 4.5-5 stitches to the inch, although I’d have to check when I get home. Hope that helps!


I tried one with Collinette cadenza which is a light worsted to DK. I cast on 120 stitches using a size 6 and while it fit, I thought I had to stretch it too much and it felt too loose. I frogged it and double stranded it using size 9 and casting on 92. I like this version much better. For the record, I knit somewhat loosely.

Have you also checked Ravelry?

Most people who knit it used less than 100 sts with regular worsted weight. If you count the ribs in the picture, it looks like it’s actually about 88 sts or so.

I’m also a tight knitter. I got impatient to get started and CO 100 sts, then started to feel like that was too many, so I just put it down and asked my question instead.
I’m not on Ravelry… looks dangerous :shifty: in a wonderfully addictive, time-stealing way!
I’m thinking I’ll pull few sts off the needle, but I’ll wait and see if anyone else chimes in.
Thanks everyone!

100 might work, just anything less than 120 unless you have a really large head.

I do have a big head though and it fits but it could be a inch or so smaller.

I decided to CO 92 sts on the #6 needles. So far it looks like it’s gonna be just right. Even though it’s such a common project, the Berroco yarn colorway is so pretty, I just might have to post my FO! Then I’ll let everyone know for sure how it turns out. Thanks everyone!

I did this pattern before reading about the sizing issues and it was VERY big. I ended up giving mine to my mom who has a large head and big hair, she can wear it, but even she feels it is a bit loose. On the upside, she likes it enough that she wants me to make her another out of cashmere or angora for next winter.

Well, I got it done with a CO of 92 and doing all 15 repeat rows. I love the width but it’s too short! It stretches enough to overlap, but it’s tight. I’ll be frogging today. :pout:
On the bright side… it took me less than 3 hours (while doing other stuff) and I absolutely love how the yarn feels and looks. Here’s a pic of the soon-to-be-frogged FO. I’m going to CO 100 sts (should’ve stuck with my first idea!) and cut down to 13 repeat rows. Then it should be juuuuust perfect.
Thanks for your advice, everyone.