Knitting calendar in a box?

[B]Does anyone have this for sale where they live?[/B] (I’m sure that they are marked down by now?) In case you don’t know, I’m a school teacher (teaching the children of the military) in Germany and we don’t get this here. A friend sent me one for Christmas a couple of years ago and another friend went to the states for winter break-- she went to the DC area and did look in 2 bookstores… but, they were all sold out.

I would love to have one-- if you buy it for me-- I’ll send you $ for the item and the postage.

Thanks… so much.

Is this the sort of thing you’re looking for?

It looks like they do ship overseas or to APO addresses if you want to cut out the middle person.

I didn’t know there were such things as knitting calendars. I’ll have to scoop one up for myself. :>

Is it any good this year?

I was sort of disappointed by last year’s one. There were a few good patterns, but the rest were stuff I’d never knit.

I found one at Costco before Christmas. IMHO - There is only a handfull of cute items.

I was surprised by the number of free on the web patterns in it, from pattern companies. I guess they have to fill it up with something if they don’t get enough submissions from knitters. Not that this will stop me from buying it again next year…

I also got it for a good price at Costco but I was disappointed in it. Like another poster said, there are so many patterns in it that are free on the web anyway. I would not recommend that you spend a lot of money on it.

I started to get it but didn’t like so many of the patterns that I settled on this one it has a lot of fun things. Not patterns just fun…

I did buy it for the first time today. Barnes and Nobles had it for 1/2 price.

Exactly… why I wanted to see if someone could mail it to me … they are probably 1/2 price now in the stores- but, not if you mail order one… (and some darn places don’t send things to APO mailboxes… grr) AND if they do ship things to you-- they charge way more for postage than it really does cost to mail something.

But, if there aren’t really a lot of neat patterns in it-- or many are from free websites anyway… it’s probably not a good deal anyway and I don’t feel like I’m missing out now. THANKS all… for responding anyway.

I’m going to look for this one on the sales table at the book store.

My dh gave me this one for Christmas:

The girl on the cover is my dh’s employee’s sister. She’s friends with the photographer and the model that was scheduled no-showed.
Kinda cool.

But, I agree with everyone. I’ve glanced through the pages and I really don’t see that many things that I would actually make.

I also received this same one as cdjack from a co worker. There are some things I would like to make, but I also noticed some of the patterns were free on line. I have received one before and I think I only made like 2 or 3 projects from it and one of them I altered to my liking.

I got the Never Not Knitting one for Christmas. I LOVE it. It’s by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I don’t think it has much for patterns in it though. It’s funny and has lots of useful tips in it though.


I am getting the “Never Not Knitting” as an email everyday. I had bought a puzzle one from the same company and you got to select another by email for free. I like today’s wisdom:
"You don’t have to feel bad if you are the sort of knitter who doesn’t finish a lot of stuff. Many of us are in it for the process rather than the product, and this has only to do with personality differences, rather than moral superiority. Sure, it’s hard to remember that when other knitters sit smirking in their new sweaters and you are starting your 57th first sock of a pair, but keep this in mind: It’s called “knitting,” not “sweater-making.”