Knitting cake

I was looking for inspiration for my son’s 1st birthday cake and I came across this:

Whoa… :zombie: That took some work! Almost looks real!


I thought this was going to be a knitted cake thread! :slight_smile:

wow…I thought it was real…I’m thinking what’s a basket of yarn got to do with a birthday,then I read Jan’s post.
It’s very well done.
globaltraveler…did you knit those cupcakes?..they are great

Incredible!!! It looks so real!

Marie: yeah, those cupcakes are a lot of fun to knit. (I’ll be putting the patterns up on my blog next week sometime.) Having now seen this cake, I might have to try a jokey little knitted cupcake that looks like a ball of yarn!

That’s awesome!

Wow to both the knitting cake and the knitted cakes. I would love those patterns Zina. Puts the TARDIS (from Dr Who) cake I made for my daughter in the shade ad that took hours

What a beautiful cake! :inlove:

I can’t believe that’s a cake. I want one. But no one can eat it - I’d shellac it and make it a centerpiece on the dining room table! Awesome!

Although I’m not ready to knit food these look fabulous. A knitted cake and real? I wouldn’t want anyone to eat it either.




I had to stare at it really hard to realize it was edible!. What are the needles made of?’s fabulous.