Knitting cables, need help please

hi all,

it’s been a while since i’ve knit any cables and i seem to have forgotten how. in a basic cable 8 i am slipping 4 stitches onto a cable needle, then knitting the next 4 stitches then knitting the stitches from the cable needle. i was supposed to twist every 12 lines but my cable is twiting every time i cable. i don’t know what i’m doing. it seems i don’t know how to knit off of the cable needle without twisting. please help me somebody! – randi

I’m a little bit confused… why are you knitting off the cable needle if you don’t want a twist? I thought that’s what they were for.
Also, a link to the pattern (if it’s available free and online) might help us get a better idea of your problem.

so how do you knit a cable? all the instructions i have found say to slip the stitches onto a cable needle then knit them back off.

i don’t know how to provide a link to the pattern.

Are you using the cable needle on every row? If you are, that’s the problem. If you want to make a cable twist every 12 rows, you only use it on the 12th row. In between, you just work stockinette.

For cables, you’ll get a basic instruction on whether to hold the cable needle to the front or back of your work.

So, for instance, you’re working a C6F, you’ll slip the first three stitches on the left needle onto the cable needle and hold them to the front whilst you knit the next three stitches on the left needle. Once that’s done you’ll knit the three stitches on the cable needle, from right to left as you’re looking at them, (as if they were still on the left needle).

Does that make sense?

Is the problem maybe that you’ve twisted the cable needle so that you’re actually knitting off the wrong side rather than the right side (the front)? I’ve done that before in one of my many inattentive moments! :wink: