Knitting cables in the round

I am knitting a sweater from top down by Berroco with cables in front. Did not like the cable so using a different one pineapple and vines it is called. Knitting sweater in the round on circular needles.
My question is in the flat is says basically knit 4 stitches etc etc and second row says purl 4 stitches etc etc. Generally when knitting in the round you just knit and it takes care of the purl on the backside. So when I am using a cable stitch for flat work and put it on circular needles do I still purl the second cable row or keep knitting instead Another words change the purl 4 to knit 4 like first row??? Confused.:knitting:

For a conventional knit cable on a background of purl sts (p3, c4, p3, for example, where the c4 is knit), keep the cable itself in knit sts on all rounds and keep the flanking sts, the p3s as purls on all rounds.

Thank you that was very clear and I was able to understand the process…that was great thanks for straightening this out for me. It makes sense now. I appreciate all of you on this site for your help. As an inexperienced knitter sometimes it is confusing You guys are awesome