Knitting Cables for circular needles

I recently bought bamboo circular needles (15 sets for 9 pounds). Love the needles hate the cable. Is there any way to change the cables, and if so, where do I buy the cables? Any help would be appreciated. I live in England so if anyone in England can help, please do.

Are they screw-in cables? I have a set of those both with my bamboo interchangeables as well as with my Boyes and I can’t say that one set is any better than the other really.

No, they are not interchangeable, but I was going to get creative with Goo Gone or some other gooey cleaner to get rid of the glue and put another cable on. My problem is the cables are just to thick in my opinion for the socks I want to make.

At £9 for 15 sets I have to ask - where did you get them from?

Bloody good price!

What sizes are they? What size were you after for your socks? I might have a spare Addi circ or two that I could send your way depending on the size.

Sorry, I thought You were going to give us an insight to knitting ‘Cables’ on circular needles… I be so Dumb. :wink:

I got them off ebay, from a lady here in England.