Knitting cables and crossing over for the first time!

[FONT=“Lucida Sans Unicode”]I’ve checked out the video on how to knit cables, and i must emphasise that i am a terrible knitter, so maybe doing cables wasnt the best thing to do, but anyway, i have decided to knit 60 stitches. 2 knits, 6 by 6 cross over, 10 knits, 6 by 6 cross over, another 10 knits, a 6 by 6 cross over, then finish off with 2 knits again. so 60 all together. i started with like a normal knit for the first 4 rows, and i had 60 stitches, but after i crossed over i ended up with about… 7 more!! where did i go wrong? i dont understand how i could’ve gotten more!! thanks!! its really annoying me now, i’ve restarted about 3-4 times =[

thanks!! xx[/FONT]

When you cross over for cables, it’s very tight and hard to see what you’re doing, especially with some yarns. I would just cast on 16 sts, do the K2, Cable 12 (6 over 6), K2, and practice on that small piece. Then it’ll be much easier to do it on your whole big project.

aww thanks baby!! x

It’s possible that you picked up extra sts when you did the WS row and one of the loops from crossing the cables got stuck on your needle and looked like a separate st. Sandy had a good idea to practice on just the cable sts separate for a while; use a needle a couple sizes larger too, so you can see the sts easier, and it might not be so tight that way.

i tried doing a small sample… started with 16 and got 17… i dont know how, im pretty sure i didnt do anything wrong. like i have a cable needle and everything… just dont know whats wrong =[

oh yay!! i think i’ve done it!! but like… instead of using purl and knit ive just knitted… it still works, but i dont think its as nice though =[ which is sad, but im happy i can kinda do it :woot: xxxx

Yayyyyy!!! Just keep at it-- the more you do it, the better it will get. Plain yarn is best when learning cables-- such as a light colored worsted or bulky (not super-bulky, though) weight. You can see what you’re doing, better.