Knitting Bullmastiff?

[color=red][b]I started to make a blanket for a rescue Dogue de Bordeaux that my friend’s friend is fostering … had 123 st cast on and 18 rows done of a pattern … something that involved more than just straight knitting … I was on a roll … UNTIL I let my 14 month old airheaded teenage type boisterous Bullmastiff upstairs, which is a daily routine, and he caught sight of the tail end of my project … pulled it off the table and ran with it needles and all … he has taken a ball of yarn once and ran with it but it was a big ball and I caught him before he wrecked it … this however, he managed to get it all slobbery wet with his big jowels, got half of it off the needles so stitches were lost then left it for dead in the middle of the rug :!!!: … I had to pull it all out, then I found out the thing isn’t even big enough and I really didn’t care for the color combination anyway …

So it was a practise few rows … but I shall go on … maybe I should teach him to knit??? :teehee:


:shock: Yikes! :teehee:

In those situations it really does no good to rip your hair out and fret. Just consider it a learning experience. OH and if you teach that horse…errr dog to knit get a photo!! :roflhard:

I felt the same way … why get mad … maybe he was telling me that Miller wouldn’t like that color anyway … :teehee:


Teach him to knit! That will show him the amount of work that goes into these things that he lollops about the room causing disaster with!


I have a tabby cat - this one actually - that finds my stash baskets the ultimate place to take cat naps in. All knit gifts include some decree of custome Tyger Angora included in the knit!!! All hail the pets!