Knitting both styles

I like to purl Continental and knit English style. Is this okay and will it come out looking okay?


Results are dependent upon the individual knitter. If your tension is the same purling Continental as it is knitting English then you should have a good result. I can’t switch back and forth, my English is not so good and is much tighter. I can see switching for stockinette but not otherwise. Have you tried knitting backwards yet?

When I knit backward I do left handed English.

ETA I am a contradiction in terms, but proof that what works, works. lol

My gauge is different between styles, but if you’re happy with your results then no reason not to do it. :thumbsup: It will be slower of course, but knitting isn’t a race.:teehee:

Oh my, I could never do that backwards knitting! Looks like it’s for left-handers.

I don’t know about slower. I think what feels comfortable will be faster.


Well slower in that you have to switch the yarn back and forth. I’m sure there are others that knit that way. :hug: