Knitting both sides of neck at same time with 2 balls

HELP!! Can’t figure this out! How do I attach the second ball of yarn. Also, when I get to the second section, the stitches I need to knit and the working yarn are on the same needle…I don’t get it. It seems easy enough to just knit but I can’t figure it out. :??

Since I don’t know what your pattern is, I’ll address this in general terms.

Usually, you knit across the first shoulder side with the yarn you’ve been using all along. Then you use a new ball and attach it–as you would any new ball–even a small knot is fine, and bind off with the new ball for however many stitches they tell you. When you get to the other side, you knit across them to the end. Now you will have both shoulders on your needle with a gap between for the neck and a strand of yarn attached to each one.

At this point you follow the directions and knit each one with it’s own yarn. They will be on the same needles.

Thank you so much for replying quickly! I have to have this done today!
I use a simple slip knot on the needle and then knit the stitches for that section. Is that right? What do I do with the slip knot at the end?

When I attach yarn like that, I often use a slip knot and pull that through with my first stitch. Later on I weave in the end, leaving the knot. Or you can just start the bind off section with the new yarn without really doing anything, since the first stitches you’re doing are bind offs, it’s not going to loosten up anyway.