Knitting boot camp

Hi Everyone,
Eventhough I’ve been knitting for years I have always wanted to improve my knowledge of knitting. My LYS started a new workshop, Knitting Boot Camp. I posted about the pre-workshop meeting on my blog. Take a look if you’re interested. I’m excited.

Sounds like a good class with lots of interesting techniques. And you’ve already done your homework! How many sessions of the class?

I like the bag from your LYS.

Do they sell them? How much?

Is there a tag inside? Who manufactured it?

KBC. Good idea. I wouldn’t mind something like that. Enjoy!

There are eight sessions.

Yes my LYS is selling the bag, it cost $20.00. It is manufactured by Norwood Promotional Products.

Cool! Have fun and soak it all in (if you can).

Hi! I’m thinking about doing a KBC in my area but it seems a bit pricey. Would you please share approximately how much your KBC cost?

I don’t know how to get around in people’s blogs. I clicked over to yours, and couldn’t spot the KNITTING BOOTCAMP at all.


I admit…I’m Blog-Dumb…

Here it is. :slight_smile:

Knitting Bootcamb

Thanks for the link! This KNITTING BOOT CAMP homework sounds just like the things you need to do to get your Level 1 Master Knitter Certificate, from TKGA. ([B]T[/B]he [B]K[/B]nitting [B]G[/B]uild [B]A[/B]ssociation)

I think this KNITTING BOOT CAMP is a great thing! There is no one who can’t stand to brush up or refine their knitting skills, with the exception (perhaps) of Eunny Jang!

I paid 185.00.

I paid about 185.00.

There were eight sessions.

LOL that’s alright. The Knitting Boot Camp was taught at my former LYS.

Wish they were closer to me…I’d LOVE to go to Knitting Boot Camp!!! Wonder if they ever travel???

I’ll have to email them to find out!