Knitting Books

I would like to buy a knitting book as a reference book that contains all the info I would need. Any suggestions as to authors or titles?
My library is very lack in knitting material.

The book by Klutz, Knitting, is very useful. It explains everything very well.

The Knitting Answer book is my primary reference (after KH)

I also have The Knitting Answer Book. I really like it. It is easy to understand and I like how small it is, so I can put it in my purse or knitting bag.

The Patons Next Step books are really cool…

Thanks to y’all for the advice. I went to my local ys yesterday and picked up a book on their shelf which they recommended titled “The Knitter’s Companion”, by Vicki Square. It is so easy to understand and the illustrations are very clear. I personally think you can not have too many books. I will look up where I can buy the ones you all suggested. Thanks again.