Knitting books?

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I was just pondering buying the Stitch and B!tch book off Amazon and thought I would see if any of you have any knitting book favorites. :slight_smile:

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I have been knitting for a long time now and am quite addicted to knitting books. I always ask for one when asked what I’d like for a gift.

For me they fall into several categories:

technique, template, stitch library, design, designer, inspiration, knitlit

I have favourites in each.

Technique: Vogue Knitting and the Big Book Of Knitting, Sally Melville’ Knitting Experience series (Book 1, Book 2)

Template: Ann Budd’s Handy Book of patterns, AB’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns and A Knitter’s Template

Stitch Library: Barbara Walker’ Treasuries (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4)

Design: Deborah Newton’s Designing Knitwear and Maggie Righetti’s Sweater Design in Plain English
Designer: Meg Swanson, Sally Melville, Kaffe Fassett, anything Rowan puts out

Inspiration: Kaffe Fassett books, art books

Knitlit: The Knitting Sutra, Knitlit

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the books available so I am sure you’ll get as many different recommendations as there are posters to this board.

I would recommend borrowing as many as you can from the library or friends or browsing in Barnes and Noble to see which ones suit your current needs and fancies.

i love stitch n bitch. the little tips she throws in here and there from accomplished knitters are really good. i’ve become a much better knitter by picking up some of those ideas.

i, coincidentally, just bought s n’ b nation today, her next book. i haven’t read any of it yet, but the patterns are very cute.

Yes, Vogue Knitting, Stitch 'N Bitch, Handy Book of patterns are among my fav’s! I haven’t checked out Stich 'N Bitch Nation yet, I’ll have to check it out!


Does the Stitch N Bitch book reference Continental style knitting? It sounds like a great book!

I realize this is an ‘older’ thread but it was exactly what I was looking for!

Holly, yes, Stich’n Bitch does cover the basics of Continental.

I have both of Sally Melville’s experience books and love them. I also have Stitch’n Bitch. For sweaters, my dearest friend gave me Knitting Simple Sweaters with Luxurious Yarns by Marilyn Cohen. While I’ve yet to get up my courage to knit a sweater, the patterns in this book look to be quite straightforward and, well, simple, and yes, beautiful! Beverly Galeska’s Felted knits is quite good too.

I’ve been going through the knitting books at Barnes and Noble’s site and couldn’t help but wonder what books everyone thinks are ‘must haves’ in their knitting library. So what say you, what are your ‘go to’ books?

My first 3 books were Stitch N Bitch, Sally Melville’s Knitting Experience: Knit Stitch, and her Knitting Experience: Purl Stitch. From these and a few websites I taught myself how to knit last June. I wish I had been able to look at the videos here. Not that these books aren’t great - I refer to Sally’s all the time and I’m waiting for the next one.

For Christmas, I got a Stitch Library book, which I think will be a lot of fun when I branch out more and tweak patterns, and a Stitch-a-day perpetual calendar, which is great too. I also got Knit Wit, which is not an instruction book, but has some interesting patterns. I’ve already made 6 fuzzy feet!

For my birthday I’m getting Stitch N Bitch Nation - I already plan on making the wrist warmers.

Remember to check the Stitch and Bitch website for pattern corrections!!!

Thanks! I printed them out and stuck them in the book!

oh wow – i didn’t even know there were corrections on the stitch and bitch website. thanks for that! also, if you are making something from either s&b book, you can go to and there is an entire forum dedicated to discussing the making of those patterns. the tips and experiences from others who have made stuff from them are great. debbie stoller posts there a bunch too, in that forum, as do some of the pattern designers.

other books i enjoy are the "yarn girls guides to… kid knits/simple knits"
they are good for simple, adaptable patterns that knit up quickly. if you need to make a kid or a friend, or yourself, a sweater fast, check out this series of books.

Well I only have two books to my name! Knitting books that is.

I have Montse Stanleys ‘Handknitters Handbook’ and Debbie Stoller’s 'Stitch ‘n Bitch’.

Most of the stuff in Stitch 'n Bitch I knew already but its still a fun read! I love Montse’s book as well for all the Cast On, Cast Off techniques. Still haven’t got some of them down yet!

Anyway, there is a book on Aran knitting that I’m going to get eventually. But books/resources in Dublin are in short supply so I may have to go e-shopping!

This is a really wierd addition to this thread, b/c I bought my book at a thrift store and it is a 1979 edition. Anyway here goes:

Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework; the Reader’s Digest Assoc. Inc., Pleasantville, NY/Montreal, Library of Congress Code 78-71704, ISBN 0-89577-059-8. (That’s the only way I know to tell you how to trace the book).

It has crochet, quilting, and other needlework too, but I’m not so interested in those.

Why I like it: it is packed with info and pictures on how to do everything you every wondered about. It starts with a complete explanation of every type of yarn and knitting accessory, then about 7 different ways to cast on. It has complete instructions of basic stitches, but also gauge, binding off, inc, dec., etc. Then it has pictures and patterns of a zillion different kinds of stitches. It tells you how to make a pattern for your own sweater, including how to do different types of sleeves, borders, buttonholes, and necklines. It’s really awesome.

On another note, everyone on seemed to be raving about “Knitting without Tears.” I bought it b/c the owner of my LYS said it would help me make my own patterns. It doesn’t have a lot of pictures ( :oops: ) but it does have a lot of sage wisdom about how to correct things and start off on the right foot.



Not weird at all! I don’t have this particular RD book, but I have a book by them on herbs, and it’s one of the best resources I own. I see amazon has the one you own for $20. I’ll have to put it on my wish list. I could use it for quilting help too.

I’ve been wanting Knitting Without Tears - it’s on my short list for my birthday. I hope I get it. :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me what knit lit is?

Has anyone tried to buy Stitch and B---- lately? I’ve been to that big book store we all know and love (hate) 4 times and everytime it’s gone again. They keep asking me if I want them to order it, and I keep telling them if I wanted to order it I’d get it from Amazon! hehe.


I don’t know if anyone is still reading this thread, but… I have some favorite books for absolute beginners. I don’t know if anyone here has tried this one, but I found the directions very easy and helpful in Knitting for Dummies, by Pam Allen. My first successful projects were from there, a scarf and a couple of hats. I also LOVE Baby Knits for Beginners, by Debbie Bliss. Again, the directions are easy to follow. I’ve made a few really cute, rolled brim baby hats.

Anyway, just my .02 as a newbie. These helped me a lot. I work in a library, so I see all the gorgeous new knitting books come in. Some of them look so intimidating, though. I know the “for Dummies” books sound cheesy, but they are very good.

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