Knitting books

Is there a knitting book out there that serves well for reference, one that is a good “knitter’s bible” of sorts? I’d like to get one, but there are so many from which to choose! Several of you have mentioned Vogue Knitting, but you have mentioned others as well, and am just curious about which ones are the most useful.

Or, rephrased, if you could only take one knitting book to a deserted island, which would it be?


I have “The Knitters’ Bible” (funny you should say those exact words in your post! :lol: ) and it is great. Great as a reference book, and really cute, original patterns too. It also has a really great stitch library and ideas about designing your own items.

Then there’s Stitch 'n Bitch which is also good. Really thorough as a reference book and some great patterns in there too.

if i could take only one book, i would take “Knitting For Dummies” because the pics and intructions are clear - that’s the book i used when i taught myself to knit and i thought the directions were SO MUCH clearer than the ones in Stitch N Bitch

The Harmony Guide to Knitting is a good reference, too. It covers all the basics and has good illustrations, too. No patterns, though.

The Knitter’s Guide to Finishing Techniques should be required, too. The techniques in there make all the difference in the finished product.

I would have to take 2…sorry, but…“Knitting for Dummies”…explains everything in great detail, love it, learned to knit with it, still reference it from time to time. “Knitting Bible” is wonderful, love it, just haven’t had it as long as “knitting for dummies” & “Knitting Bible” does cover some things that are more advanced than I found in “Knitting for Dummies” (if memory serves…sometimes it doesn’t :wink: )

Ooh, keep the suggestions coming! I can start a whole new library. The dh will be pleased! :devil:

books I found most helpful when I was learning were Stitch N Bitch as well as Maggie Righetti’s Knitting In Plain English.

the reference book I use most often now is Vogue Knitting.

Definately get “Knitting in Plain English”… It’s not the “prettiest” book, and the graphics are the greatest… BUT, it has some really awesome tips. I use it all the time.

Knitting for Dummies is great for learning the basics.

Of course, the BEST way to learn, is to watch a video

I love the videos! They are so very helpful! (Thanks, Amy!)

I have the Knitter’s Bible and it is a great reference book for different stitch patterns but it was not that helpful to me to learn how to knit, purl etc. I looked at the Dummies book and it was good but I bought another that is very similar in style called Maran Illustrated Knitting and Crocheting. The photos are excellent and easy to follow for beginners.

Now, Angelina, I have a nice knitting library…30? something books (yes I have a book addiction, too)…I, too, find it hard to choose :roflhard: :rofling: I have 3 on my GOTTA HAVE 'EM list now…I’m hopeless when it comes to all things :heart: knitting :heart: … and :inlove: Lonnie :inlove: …OF COURSE;)

I have at least 50 books–that’s not counting the pattern booklets or magazines. :oops: :shifty:

I’ve been knitting for almost a year and 1/2, though…if I continue book collecting I will have to have more room for books than YARN :shock:

If you’re learning to knit, Knitting in Plain English is my fav, with SnB a close favorite. But if you want a reference book, Vogue is better, IMHO. There’s a comprehensive version and a small, well-organized, fits-in-your-knitting-bag version. But the best thing to do is check them out or borrow them first and see which one YOU like the best. “The best one is the one you use” is a true addage. Good luck,

I may have learned to knit a long time ago, but I never had a book collection until recently–I used to just buy a pattern. I never had the rest of my life mapped out! :rofling: I must say, though, that each has at least one pattern in it that has potential. If I had the money and the time, there are some Fair Isle books I would knit every pattern out of. Maybe I will, eventually!

I have NO DOUBT that you will, Ing A Ling… :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

My first book was the Learn to Knit Afghan book by Barbara Walker. I learned a lot by reading it. Unfortunately, I only made 2 of the squares. I couldn’t get the hang of regular knitting. But I found it very informative, then I found this KH site, which is awesome, and brought out the Continental knitter in me. I’ve never bought another book. But I found
The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie M. Wiseman in the library. I think I might get that one someday.

:XX: april

Went to B&N and bought Knitting for Dummies. I really like it so far!

I couldn’t find The Knitter’s Bible, but I know Amazon has it.

I did see Stitch 'n Bitch (both of them) and a book by EZ, but I decided that with all the WOTA I’ve bought this week, I’d just get one how-to book. (Plus it has some cute and simple patterns!)

Besides, right now the dh thinks the knitting addiction is “cute”; I want to keep it that way! :devil:

Thanks so much for all your suggestions: I’ve made a list and hopefully Santa will bring them to me! :slight_smile:

I promise you will reference “knitting for dummies” forever! I just looked up something in it today…I :heart: that book! It explains so very many things and in an easily understood manner!
LOL…I talk like I’ve been knitting longer than the almost year and 1/2 that I’ve been knitting…but, what I’m saying is…it’s got aLOT of good stuff :wink: …obviously :smiley: