Knitting books

does anyone know of any good knitting books for beginners. keep in mind im a poor student with not alot of money so i dont wanna spend money on a $50 book thats useless

Stitch & Bitch!

Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book
It’s a tad pricey for one book, but it’s an invaluable reference for beginner AND seasoned knitters. You’ll use it for YEARS to come.

Hello, Miss Knit!

I have Stitch N Bitch and Knitting for Dummies… Both are helpful.

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Stitch N Bitch and Knitting In Plain English
the 2 books I learned the most from.

The Knitter’s Bible…VERY GOOD, wish I had it when I began. But, Knitting for Dummies got me thru when I 1st started… :doh: what does that say…lol?!

SNB and Knitting for Dummies…excellent books!

The Harmony Guide for Knitting is very basic and well-illustrated to get you through most stiches and techniques. Inexpensive, too.

Stitch N Bitch, most definitely!