Knitting Books for sale

I just posted several knitting books for sale on Ravelry. Check them out and let meknow if you’re interested. I’m losnana on ravelry, just like here.:knitting:

How do I find where your books are listed on Ravelry? I found your profile, but don’t know where to find your books.


I’m glad you asked, I didn’t because I thought [I]everyone[/I] would know. Why should that make me feel dumb?

All you do is go to Ravelry, then click on “people” and type (or copy and paste) losnana into the search box. It’ll bring up her profile, click on that, then click on her library, and finally look over on the left side where it says “will trade or sell” and that’ll bring up the ones she wants to place into a new home. :^)

This is a link to her library.

I PMed you.