Knitting book

I was just sitting here thinking how cool it would be to publish a knitting book. We could all write a little blurb about ourselves, have a photo maybe, and even a simple original pattern or two, for those of us who can/want to do that.
I know there would be at least…um…800? copies sold. :rofling:

There are tons of knitting books out there. I wonder how hard it is to get published?

OOOooo :thinking:

Now That’s an idea! :thumbsup:

You can do self-publishing through cafepress…i.e. a 100 page spiral bound or perfect bound book costs $10.00. If you sell them for more, you can use it as a fundraiser.

This is a really interesting idea, IMO! I’m almost done with my first pattern…

Really, if there was a lot of interest, I would love to do this. I’m a graphic designer so I’ve got the tools…and I know there are a few others around here…if we did it up right (consistent, appealing design, etc) it could have a wider appeal than just members here, and maybe it could make some $ for KH, which I am all for. I’d love to give something back for all the help that I’ve gotten (and continue to get). :thumbsup:

I agree, Julie. It would be a nice way to give KH a financial boost. However, I haven’t the faintest idea of how to go about it. Also, I’m sure we would need Amy’s input/permission!

Ooh Ooh can I interview people and get thier perspectives of knitting???

ooooooooooooooo i REALLY like that idea…I’d be willing to help in anyway I can!!