Knitting book for my 17 YO

Hi everyone,
My nearly 17 year old daughter has recently started knitting and she seems to be hooked.
Can anyone recommend a book geared toward teens? I already know about Vickie Howell’s book, but are there any others? I have SnB Nation and SnB Knitter’s Handbook so those are both out.

I know this is not a book but I always thought that KnitScene magazine would appeal to teens.

Their styles are current and fresh and there are many patterns suitable for beginning knitters:


Take a look at ‘Knit Wit’ by Amy Singer or maybe ‘Teen Knitting Club’ although that one might skew younger than she’d like. And ‘Knit 1’ magazine seems to aim at younger knitters.

Ready Set Knit was also a pretty good… easy to follow/read book w/some cute things.

LOL, I read the title and couldn’t make heads or tails of “17 yarn over”…I’ve been reading too many patterns lately.

I just saw these books at Knitpicks that might be what you are looking for. I’m not up on what’s in with teens though. :shrug:

Chic Knits for Young Chicks
Knitgrrl 2
Hip Graphic Knits