Knitting Blogs

I have been bouncing around the net reading knitting blogs and wondered what knitting blogs do you read?


Hey Christine,

I have a few links to my regular blog reads on my own blog! Other than that I just click and follow links as I see 'em.

Which ones are your favourites so far? I really like Becky’s blog (aka fluffa!) and Wendy Knits.

I like reading these ones

I read these blogs all the time! :slight_smile:
I’m too lazy for stuff outside of KH.

What Hildie said…except, Im not too LAZY, Im just too busy HERE! :shifty:

I just updated mine to a knitting blog. I hope it sees far more action than it did in its past life :rollseyes: ie: I need to get off my butt and update it more! :blush:

I keep finding more and more great Blogs and then I spend sooooooooooo Much time browsing thru them…
Gosh…between the Forums…The email and the Blogs…I hardly have time to make dinner :slight_smile:
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Just so I have time to Knit!!! :XX:

This one is very entertaining!

I also have a list of blogs that I read on my own blog…a couple of KHers :slight_smile:

Hi… I don’t know your name …
I just checked your Blog… Nice job!!!
I LOVE those clogs… I have the pattern but have not made any yet… I was thinking of making them for my grandaughter but after seeing yours… I think Hubby could use a pair!
What yarn did you use and did you find any problems??

Thanks! The whole blog thing is new to me but I have been having a lot of fun with it. I can’t wait until I get all the new graphics and navigation complete.

For the clogs I used some cheapo wool I got from ebay. I wasn’t very happy with the amount of fuzz/shrinkage compared to when I have used better yarn. I know a couple of people on here have used Wool of the Andes and Cascade 220 with great results.

The pattern is so fun and amazing how it works! You should definitely try it.

oops almost forgot to mention my name is Cheryl :slight_smile:

I also found another really good blog today Crazy Aunt Purll She is too funny!

OK Thanks Cheryl…

I’ll look for some wool and give them a try!!

              Penny here ! :D