Knitting blogs

does anyone know of any good knitting blogs?? i’ve seen people mention a wide variety of places but what are the ones you always visit?

There is a special forum here in KH for knitting blogs plus if you look at peoples posts for www you can see their blogs outside KH.

Elsewhere…this is a good one. is a good one too

I noticed that if you go to and look at the patterns, most of the designers have their own blogs (link is usually posted at the bottom of the pattern in the section about the designer.)

With most blogs, there is a list of the blogger’s favorite blogs.

I am always amazed at how many there are to read.

I found this blog from a link on someone else’s blog:

[color=blue]Nona Knits[/color]

Once you find a good blog and follow their links, the possibilities are endless!

Susan (who is enjoying the quiet of a morning with a delayed school opening!)

I like this one and love her patterns…

I also read vickie howell’s …

I regularly visit They have links to numerous blogs there and some are pretty good.

Crazy Aunt Purl, Grumperina, and the Yarn Harlot are my three fav’s so far! :slight_smile:

There’s also this really cool blog called Aunty Missy’s Dazzling Discoveries. It’s new and there’s not many readers (yet), but “she” posts lots of pictures, and her husband thinks “she’s” funny. :flirt:

(Ok ok, that’s MY blog. :teehee: But still!)

My favorites:

So many blogs, so little time! :zombie:

Thanks for all the great links you all are posting!


pick a blog, any blog, (mine for example!) and find a button for knitting blog RINGS. (mine is in left column of blog)

click NEXT (or Previous) or Random (if it exists)
and each click should bring you to yet another blog.

some are all knitting, some are mixed with knitting, recipes, cats (dogs) children and politics or some other other topic.

bookmark the ones you like…

some are updated daily, some weekly, and some at odd intervales.

some have free patterns, some have links to tutorials…

eventually you’ll find a dozen or so you like, and you’ll come back to them again and again…

there a many many rings, some for members of a geographic area (bay area knitters or NYC knitters) some for Lace Knitters, some for sock knitters.

as you go through the rings, leave comments on any blog/posting you enjoy.

I have a bias towards my friend’s blog: Elliphantom Knits…and I’ve found quite a few from hers that I now follow regularly. Love Lolly Knitting Around too. Brooklyntweed has beautiful photography. Just a few of my faves.

Brooklyntweed has beautiful photography

You’re right…the photography is gorgeous!! :heart:

wow and i thought i was on the internet too much NOW…you’re going to have to pry me away from this thing!!! haha

The only two I check daily are Grumperina and See Eunny Knit. Eunny hasn’t posted in a while…I assume she’s busy with the book she’s writing.