Knitting Blogrings?

Does anyone belong to a knitting blogring? I’d like to read and get more people to read my blog (and comment), so I figured I would join a blogring. Any recommendations?

Just out of curosity, how did you get such a great blog?? I have been looking to make one, but I am blog dumb!! Any ideas?

I have a friend who does web templates and hosting. . She very good at being patient when being asked stupid questions. :lol: She did the template and hosts my site, and she has some great prices. :slight_smile:

I’m not in a blogring, although I would love to increase my blog’s readership. I’ve gotten a few readers on mine just by leaving comments on their sites, and a few people I know through the blogworld have a link to my blog on their site. People slowly trickle in … one of my blogs gets about 12-15 hits a day and the other gets about 5! I suppose it’s better than nothing but I do sometimes wish it would be more!
Anyway, to start, if I were you, I would start searching for other blogs that interest you and leave them comments and see what happens from there! =)

Wanted to add your site is cute! I like the top with the working with, working on, reading … nice touch!
I left you a comment too! Would you like me ot put a link on my page to yours?

YarnMommy, I love your blog. It’s so colorful.

Mamabear - you might get more readers if you added your website address at the end of your messages! Sometimes I just look for those when I’m going through here to find some to read.

Just a thought,


Inspired by you I just made my own blog. Not much up there, but I change that ones I have time.

I have to run out this morning, but when I get back I will throw everyones blog onto my site (I have to figure out how to set a new batch of links). :slight_smile:

Hmmm … I thought if you clicked on teh www button in under my post it would take you to my website … I know I’ve had 3 people link to it from messages I’ve posted here because my counter tells me how people get there! LOL! but I’ll add it to the siggy and see what happens =) Thanks!

I belong to a few blog rings which you can see on my blog. I’d like to join a few more but until I get my computer fixed I won’t be able to.

I don’t get so much traffic from them though, the most traffic I get is from posting on knitting boards like this one.