Knitting Block

I have been sooo busy I have not had time to do anything. Hubby and I are trying to sale our place, buy a house, pack, and I take care of our little one…I JUST finished ( kind of) the doggy sweater for my mom’s co- worker …I plan on finishing my grandpa’s scarf i have been working on for a life time now lol, and a few other stuff by the end of MAY. Here is a NEW picture our my little girl.

Oh my gosh, how cute is she! What a doll! She’s looking so grown up already! LOL

she is growing to fast…3 months the 12th of May…she is to cute…hubby and I watch her for hours…she starts to laugh now and looks around at everything, and holds her head up on her own and tried to sit up and tried to move on her own lol.
Vanessa :cheering:

:smiley: She’s gorgeous, Nessa :wink:

A cutie pie for sure! Enjoy every minute!

Looks like a good reason not to have time to knit!!! {and a great reason to buy lots of neat yarns to make pretty dresses and sweaters with!}

She is tooo cute! I :heart: her fuzzy head!!
Since you have a valid excuse, we’ll forgive you. :wink:

Aw, she’s adorable!! :inlove: :inlove:

I’d be spending all of my time staring at her, too!! :heart:

What a cutie! :heart:

She’s so sweet!

She’s just precious!!

We signed papers today to get a house… we should know for a fact in a few weeks …and be moved in before June I HOPE! My little BEAN is growing so fast!!! She is Cooing lol and smiling so BIG! I have been knitting a little here and there, but i am packing up ALL my knitting except what i have started.
:XX: :cheering: :heart: :inlove: :thumbsup:

This phase of a baby’s life passes so quickly. Savor it while you can. Knitting will always be there.

Almost to the word what I was going to say! She’s a beatiful little girl! I can’t believe it’s been 3 mos!

aww she is so cute :inlove: !!! Ingrid is right that time flies by… with my first I was like ohh when will he sit-up,crawl,walk and talk… and then missed the baby snuggles… with my daughter I didn’t worry about the other and just enjoyed the cuddles… Fingers crossed for the house!!

Oh she is so so cute ! :heart: