Is anyone aware of a “how to crochet” site that is anywhere NEAR as awesome as THIS site? I can sc & dc, but I need to learn to make a circle, so I can devise a pattern for crocheted felted coasters and potholders for my residents. :thinking: I promised our Activities staff that I would do a felting project with them in July…most of my residents are crocheters, not knitters.

AS IF. :shock:

But… I will suggest you go to . Don’t know how much it will help, but at least it has videos. :thumbsup:

Since I only crochet special projects and not that often, I bought “The Crochet Stitch Bible”. It’s a great reference book and the only book I’ve ever needed. I seem to be able to buy tons of knitting books so it’s nice to need only one for a craft. Pretty color pictures and it’s almost like an encylopedia of stitches. Good luck!

Or how about the Coats and Clark Learn to Crochet CD? Their Learn to Knit CD is decent, so perhaps the Crochet CD is too … :thinking:

Thanks, guys!

I’ll second the Coats & Clark’s Crochet Made Easy CD. It really crossed me over from a crocheting wannabee to an actual crocheter. It’s really cheap, too! :smiley:

I was kinda hopin’ for something free & easy… :oops:

I found this site on Yarnmommy’s blog.
Good Luck!!

Thanks Brooke!

Holy Crap! I went nuts and put Yarnmommy’s “Joey Dress” on needles before I finished my tank and now I’m looking at crochet patterns?! Bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD! And I thought I was so over crochet. :??

If I do this, I won’t finish anything. I’m going to go to the beef farm and the grocery store, then I will come home and complete a project. I just have to decide which one…

At Blue Sky Alpacas there is a free pattern for a crocheted rug that is your circle all grown up… maybe that will help

Good Luck :thumbsup:

Thanks so very very!

One of my residents taught me how to crochet a circle today…she told people that she taught me how to “make a hole” :roflhard:

gasp :shock:


I saw that on sale at Joanne Fabrics for $7.99!!!

Well, THAT would be totally WORTH it!

And if you can get ahold of a 40% off coupon … oh boy! Watch out now! :smiley: