Knitting Birthday

My birthday was this past week and it was all about knitting. My husband and the kids got me: Options!!!, Sweater Stone, No Sheep for You, Knitter’s Almanac, Knitting Without Tears, A to Z of Knitting, Grass Shine Worsted, Green Apple Shine Worsted, Watermelon Shine Worsted, and Felted Knits. Then my sister and BIL got me volumes one and two of Barbara Walkers Treasury. What a fun birthday!

I didn’t actually get to open any of the gifts as my three year old was so excited to “help” me open them. :lol:

Happy belated natal anniversary.

Happy Birthday! What thoughtful gifts

How very thoughtful of everyone! What a special day!

Happy birthday! What great goodies too :slight_smile:

Happy belated birthday Ah ! What great gifts and what fun you’ll have using the all :happydance: You will LOVE the options :heart:
My 50th (how did THAT happen?!) is Thursday and I am hoping for a knitterly birthday as well :woot:


ENJOY! What wonderful gifts. You’ll love the Options. DH and our girls gave them to me for Christmas.

Happy Birthday.


How incredibly sweet! I’m glad you had a happy birthday, and congratulations on having such thoughtful, supportive family and friends :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday. Enjoy your lovely gifts.

Sandy in N.Z.

hbd to you!

How fun and thoughtful! Happy birthday!