Knitting basics for beginners

Hey, I am here for help. My elder sister has lost her child during an accident. That has made her depressed and she had to undergo counseling from a psychologist in Toronto. The treatment was really effective and she is doing really good.
We are trying to deviate her thoughts to something productive. I have read that knitting is a good hobby to those who are trying to relax. My sister is creative and is interested in creating new things. So, I think that is a good option for her. But, we don’t know where to start. Can anyone of you please share some primary knitting basics for beginners?

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I’m sorry to hear about your sister but it’s good to know that she’s doing well. Knitting can be very meditative and relaxing. It’s increasingly taught to patients, families and staff in local hospitals in my area.

There are very helpful videos at the top of this page under Free Knitting Videos including a Get Started and Learn to Knit tutorial. There are videos online including the ones by Very Pink, Purl Hunter, Knit Freedom and Planet Purl that are of consistently good quality.

If there’s a yarn store or craft store near you, a couple of classes can be great to get started. Having someone right there to instruct can save time and avoid frustration.

I’m sure there’ll be more good advice. We all love knitting here and are enthusiastic about new knitters. I hope you’re going to join your sister in trying it out.

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I’m sorry to hear about sister. That has to be extremely hard, but glad she’s doing better though.

Do you knit? I suggest starting with a smooth, light colored, worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles just to learn the basics and then she can move on from there. There are some good ideas from salmonmac listed in her post.

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