Knitting Bags

What do you use for a knitting bag? If you have a real knitting bag, is it REALLY wonderful? Would you buy it again? If you are lusting after a particular bag, why? What makes it so wonderful?

Ray, who only has two projects in process and uses handled plastic bags – one from the knitting store and one from the quilting store – but is wondering if she NEEDS a REAL knitting bag.

I always have knitting with me and I don’t have a ‘real’ knitting bag. I just throw what I need for that particular project in a little canvas tote that I got at Michael’s for a few dollars–the kind they sell in bulk for adding appliques to. Works great for me.

I don’t take mhy knitting out with me very often. And at home I’ve got a large gift bag (stiff cardboard one) that I keep next to my chair to store my current projects, patterns and a selection ofneedles and other stuff in. It’s great because the needles can’t make a hole in it. Planning to knit my own project bags though. :XX:

i have more of a need for bags in general than knitting bags specifically! :rollseyes:

I love my current bagbecause it is just so pretty. it really isn’t big enough for the projects i carry around AND all the other stuff i carry but i don’t care…it is gorgeous…lol. (mine is the one on the right…and it has satin-y purple lining! :thumbsup: )

i have the Jordana Paige messenger bag and got bored with it but it is great for its size and number of pockets. i am sure i will go back to it sometime (or at least that is what i am telling myself…lol)

and i am having one of these made in a lime green and raspberry polka dot fabric. waiting rather impatiently for that one i might add! :wink:

yeah i have a problem…sigh

I don’t have a real knitting bag, but I intend on either sewing one out of some cool yarn print fabric I found, or knitting one and using the fabric for a liner. I have three different totes that I will use for carrying WIPs, one is a crocheted tote out of chunky yarn, another is my felted HBC Booger bag, or my Payless Shoes canvas tote. I will usually use one of those for back and forth to work since it will hold my coffee cup and water bottle as well as whichever WIP I’m lugging along that night, I don’t take my purse to work. I bought myself a new purse {why??? I don’t use one 99% of the time!} this spring, and I made sure that it had enough room for my very few essentials, as well as a ball of sock yarn and a sock in progress!!

I have had two of each of these for several years and love them! I bought the small “sack” first, then the large “pack”, then another large one, then another small one!

I’ve knit, crocheted, embroidered, needlepointed, cross-stitched, or sewed all my life (age 50 is in my headlights now!) and have probably had at least two dozen other totes over the years. A project goes with me wherever I go. For knitting and crocheting, these have been the absolute best I’ve ever used. They meet my needs for convenience, portability, durability, and ease of use.

It’s impossible to rate these too highly!

I got mine on ebay (see pic below). I really like it as an all-purpose medium-sized knitting bag. It holds multiple projects and the four inside pockets make it easy for my to locate and organize everything. The only thing I would improve? Maybe a quilted liner and/or flat bottom. For smaller projects on the go, I use the cheap canvas bags from Michael’s like Ingrid. Those are perfect for a cross stitch project. I’ve got several of those and in different sizes! :wink:

I recently made a big tote knitting bag ouf of some Noro yarn. I LOVE it. It has the wooden handles. I’ve been using that one lately.

Then I have a bag that stands up on its own which I like and its sort of a stiff fabric. I like that one also. :XX: :XX:

I use this Rigger bag to hold my Supplies

and I use this Knit Knack Sack to hold Specific progects

I also use the Mini Canvass bags to hold my Goddess collection
it holds the Bag of pieces that need to be Attached, as well as 2 Balls of yarn and all my DPNs
There is room for my small baskets I leave with the display at the stores that try to carry them for me


how much longer brendajos? I’m still in shock you haven’t bought one for the in between time :rofling:

I use the go knit pouch
its small and no pockets… but great for going to the dr office or to grab real fast… also while driving to WV its great to work with cause it doesn’t take up my feet space… I have burgandy color

I then have the knitter’s tote its great for packing my knitting up for WV… cause I never can decide what I will knit once I get there…

I also have artbin backpack but I use the straps for shoulder… this is my going to class bag and around the house… the front holds all my dpns, straights, crochet hook, and interchangeable sets… the side cd player holds my scissors, gauge, stitchmarkers, and tape measure… the mesh holds water or snacks for kids…

I would love to get this bag to use as a purse/knitting bag its on my dream list :inlove:

I have several different bags depending on where I am taking the knitting and what I am knitting. Some of them are really more for storage than anything. A nice big felted bag makes a great knitting bag, but if you’re into compartments and specialized areas for your tools, the “real knitting bags” are very nice.

:smiley: I don’t have a bag that is specifically made for knitting. I carry either a little tote (much like Ingrid’s) that is denim for small projects (socks, etc & a book or two) & I have a large bag that my daughter gave me from Bath & Body Works that I carry larger projects in. I do love the Namaste Bags…all of them from the Executive to the Vintage bag…with emphasis on the Messenger :wink: