Knitting Bag

So what’s your favorite Knitting bag? Are there any sewing patterns for knitting bags and needle cases? I would kind of like one out of a pretty quilted material, kind oF like the Vera Bradley bags. Any suggestions, my tote bag with only one big pocket just isn’t cutting it.

I’ve seen the following:

I hope that this helps.

My favorite is my on the town knitting bag by Silver, you just can’t get this level quality from many stores. Here is a thread with pictures of them. :thumbsup:

Next would be my dd’s bag (I think I am going to get myself one :wink: ) It’s just a med size bag. But it IS the quilted material you are talking about. I got it at AC Moore, just up at the entrance. It has a large open part and 2 small zipper type parts.

One thing I have found for me is don’t use bags that don’t close at that top. I have 3 young children and my projects in those bags just end up all over the place… :doh:

I just got a Creative Options tote for Christmas. It’s not really large enough to carry much yarn, however, it’s perfect for all my little accessories such as stitch holders, measuring tape, scissors, pens, stitch markers, etc., and, a lot of my circulars. I have to use a larger bag for my yarn, but, I kind of prefer it that way…It was getting really annoying having to fork through all my yarn in my larger tote to get to my accessories…lol

Here’s a link for the CO tote, if interested:

Mama Dawn
I have a 12, 7, and 5 year old. I can so relate to needing a bag that closes. Even my 12 year old will poke through my stuff if it is open.

Is this the type of bag you are talking about:

How much yarn will it hold.

I have a tote bag that I got at some store similar to Tuesday Morning. It’s a tapestry fabric and I’ve had it for years. Large main area, zippered closure, two smaller external zipper pockets and a small internal zippered pocket. I love it. It’s my primary bag. I also have a Bad Badtz Maru bag, too, that’s my secondary tote. I keep all my needles and notions in my KP Options binder (I got mine just before they stopped selling it with the nickel-plated set.) I tuck that in the front pocket, stuff the inner bit with yarn and UFOs and off I go! :slight_smile:

Not exactly what you’re looking for, but my favorite bag is one that closes. It’s this fantastic dragon bag from My little supplies go in zippered pockets on each leg and the yarn and work in progress go in the large compartment in the middle. It’s a fun bag and suprisingly roomy. My only other bag is a medium sized open bag that it quilted like you are talking about. It has a matching case for supplies and a pocket on the side for a pattern. I really like my dragon though since it’s fun and different.

I have the Total Tote. I got it from KnitPicks. I really like it. It’s big and fits a couple projects and quite a few supplies. I’m waiting on one of Silver’s bags though for smaller projects.