Knitting Bag

Right now I’m knitting a KNITTING BAG. :thumbsup:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

Good for you!

I tried that once… it ended up being too small so I use it for a purse sometimes. :teehee:

lol! I don’t know how many people have pointed out to me that for all the knitting I do I have not knitted myself a bag yet…

But I have this thing with bags and perfection… :slight_smile:

Is there a picture of this bag that I am not seeing?
I wanna see it!!

I’m sure it’s very purty though.


[B]I’ll have to get a picture later.



You must be talking aboutnthe pone wilth all of the DECRAESES? I tried that also. Idecided to make one MY WAY.
You’ll see it if it works out. :slight_smile: [/COLOR][/B]

Nope, it was a pattern in a magazine from a few years a go. Very simple rectangle you seam up the sides and make a flat bottom by folding in the corners. Add handles and voila! It’s cool, but too small.


Here is the knitting bag I’m knitting, but still on the needles.

As you can see, the patern next to it. And I strayed from the pattern and started over using my own seed stitch pattern. :knitting: I think I’ll use a burgundy color for the lining. Or maybe get a pale pink? Toss out some ideas for me. O.K. ?

The yarn for the bag is Vanna’s Choice in the color BRICK. ( Dark Red / burgundy )

Susan :knitting:( The pattern made it so small with all of the decreases.)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

I see that you are using Vanna’s Choice, I have looked at that in Michaels, feels soft. How is it to work with?

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]Sue in Ca.

It’s very easy to work with. BUt when I had to rip it out and start over in my own pattern. I noticed that the yarn I’m RE USING was splittiing easily. So that’s the only bad thing , If you ever have to FROG & start all over again. :wink:


That’s a cute pattern!! I love that color…can’t wait to see it done :thumbsup: