Knitting backwards in magic loop?

I feel like I’ve been posting on here a lot lately! :aww:

I’m knitting some sleeves for a sweater using the magic loop method, which I’ve used before. However, I’ve recently discovered that I’ve been knitting backwards. Rather than pull the back needle out and knit with that, I’ve been pulling out the front needle and knitting from right to left. Everything seems fine, although I’m purling rather than knitting, but does this mean I should frog everything and start over? It looks fine and I’ve adjusted the decreases to work, but I’m not sure if I’ve messed it up. Any suggestions/thoughts are much appreciated!

I’m not sure how to delete this post but I figured out what I did! No need to reply to this one. Thank you!

Glad you figured it out. You should be ok anyway, just have to do more work the figure out shaping etc.