Knitting baby package patterns?

Hello everyone! Last time I was on here, I was a newbie and had been knitting a baby jumper… I have now finished 3 and am in process of knitting a cardigan for my grandmother! I didn’t give up and even got my boyfriend knitting a baby jumper :slight_smile:

My aunt in-law is pregnant and we are not sure what she is having. I thought if she finds out I could knit more girly or boyish things but at the moment, I want to get started with some neutral things.

I went into John Lewis today for those of you who live in England/London and they have many sales on yarn!! I didn’t have any patterns so I couldn’t buy the yarn. Last time, I needed 6 100g bamboo yarn for my grandmothers cardigan which on retail price would have been £40-£50 but since they were on sale in John Lewis I got all the yarn for £12! Bargain!!!

Anyways, can anyone help me with some patterns that have been successful? Also what should I make as a gift? As she is my mothers sister in-law, she is close and so I want to give her quite a few things. Also, I do not have children so I have no idea what size to make it? I reckon making it for 6-9month might be a good idea as some babies can be big and some very small…least the baby will eventually fit into it?

As a gift package, I thought baby little booties, cardigan, blanket, hats?? A toy maybe? I even thought about buying a cheap mobile for the cot and just make my own knitted characters lol I am really into colour work so if anyone has any good patterns that they can share, it would be brilliant!!

Thank you in advance :heart:

Wow, you certainly have been productive! That’s an impressive list of accomplishments, not the least of which is getting the BF to knit too. Well done on the bargain yarn, too.
I’ve knit both of these sweaters several times and they’ve worked out well:

And the larger sizes are always appreciated. Babies grow so fast that they’re soon out of the small sizes.

Thank you so much! I love them… cable? patterns on the jumper look really great. I haven’t done patterns like that before but I love a challenge! Also, it looks like a unisex pattern :woot:

I am loving the sheep jumper! By far my favourite! However, how can I make it a unisex one or should I wait to know the sex of the baby and then make one? Her baby is due in summer so I have a while to knit which is great as I am pretty slow lol

I will try and put pics up of my accomplishments soon and will definately show off my boyfriends jumper. Bless, he works hard and has had a few holes but its all about mistakes!!

Thank you once again for your help xXx

I think you could do the sheep in a dark main color (like the strong blue on the main page) and it work as unisex. But it reminded me of another favorite, Isle of Trucks. It’s for a slightly older child but what girl or boy doesn’t like trucks?

I am loving the colours on there! It looks fantastic. Babies can like trucks lol They pretty much love everything :teehee:

Thank you for that!

This is one of my favorite patterns. But do read the entire pattern all the way through. It’s poorly written. I kept doing the increases until it looked like it would fit a five year old. Farther down in the pattern, the designer says you’re supposed to stop when the stitch count gets to a certain amount. I liked the neutral colors in this.

Thank you, the colours are really good! It can be for a girl or a boy. Also it would be easy to put on a baby as jumpers can be tricky with newborns etc, I always get scared that their heads just will not poke through lol

Thank you again!! :smiley:

And if you need other ideas for baby things, head over to (free to join) and do a search using just the word “baby”. You’ll find all kinds of patterns (many of them free) for baby stuff.

There are some really cute patterns and ideas there. (Personally, I love the bath “socks”–the ones that look like a puppy or some other animal, but they’re used in place of washcloths.)

What I like about Ravelry is the pattern search. You put what you want in the search box. Another page comes up. You can input your exact specifications in the search. Do you want a free or pay pattern? Is this for man, woman, or child? What size? What type of yarn? This is great for using up your stash. What size needle? Insert your favorite size you like to use here. Wella! It comes up with the perfect pattern and eliminates hours of searching.