Knitting baby goodies

i have a dear young friend expecting her first baby in less than 5 months. i plan on giving her a little baby basket full of handmade items. i’am planning on knitting hats, burp towels, a blanket, mittens and some booties. i want to make some baby washcloths. would you use cotton on those and what would be the best size needle? thanks, cindy

For the baby washcloths: definitely cotton. That’s the best fiber for washcloths. As far as the size, I think you could probably do a regular washcloth size (though I don’t have any kids, so don’t trust my opinion on that!).

thank you for your reply, but what size needle would be best? i’m thinking size 6? or would that be too small?

I would use cotton, but I think I’d use a softer one than the standard dishcloth cotton.