Knitting Baby Booties Help

Hello all,
My first time knitting baby booties, and I’m stuck on the pattern…any help would be greatly appreciated! The pattern is as follows:

[B]Rows 12-29:[/B] beg with a knit row, cont in SS for 18 rows, ending with a purl row
[B]Row 30:[/B] K33, sl1, K1, psso, turn.
[B]Row 31:[/B] sl1, K9, P2tog, turn.
[B]Row 32: [/B] sl1, K9, sl1, K1, psso, turn.
[B]Rows 33-48[/B] rep rows 31 and 32 eight times.

When the pattern calls for “turn” in rows 30-32, does it just mean to swap the needles from each hand? Does this require a stitch holder at all (the pattern book recommends one)?
Thank you in advance!

Yes, when the pattern says turn, switch the needles in your hands. You’re going to work back and forth on a small set of stitches for the next several rows.
You don’t have to use a stitch holder if you don’t want. You can let the unworked sts hang out on the needles while you work on the center group. See what the subsequent directions say. It may be just as easy to keep the sts on your needles.
Enjoy knitting the booties