Knitting Baby Booties - Help!

Hi Everyone!
I hope I am doing this right. I am new to knitting and my pattern confused me I’m not sure what to do.

Pattern instructions:
K13, slip sts just worked onto st holder, (K1, increase) 3 times, K1, slip remaining 13 sts onto second st holder: 10sts

This started to confuse me I have 33sts since cast on I knitted the 13 fine and put them onto another knitting needle because I do not have a stitch holder, then I went ahead and knit one and then would knit and increase one three times and then knit one more leaving me with ten, then I did not knit the remaining 13 instead slipped them onto the match to the other knitting needle I was using as a stitch holder.

Am I right so far?

Now the instructions say:
Knit every row until Instep measures approximately 1 3/4", ending by working a wrong side row. Slip sts onto st holder; cut yarn.

My translation - I should only continue knitting the middle row 10 stitches until that is 1 3/4" then flip my knitting so the yarn is on the wrong side then knit? Is the idea that knitting wrong side will finish off the work is that why I am cutting it? I still have to work the sides and soles. I just need someone to walk me through this.

Hopefully someone can help me.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this monster post!

It sounds like you have it right so far. It sounds like you started with 33 and increased 3 so that your total is 36 divided 13 on each holder and 10 in the middle. I believe you have the right idea on the next part: knit every row over the 10 middle stitches until it measures 1 3/4". You want the last row that you knit to be a row that will end up on the inside of the bootie (wrong side), then you cut the yarn, probably because they are going to have you start knitting somewhere else.

One issue I see is that knitting every row will give you garter stitch so it may be hard to determine which is the wrong side. Both sides look the same with garter stitch. If there is any way in which one side looks nicer than the other let that be the outside and you might mark either the right side or the wrong side with a safety pin and make a note to yourself which side you marked. They will probably ask you to turn the work so that the right side is up and start knitting in some designated place.

It is possible that what it had you do before this will show you which are the right and wrong sides.

Thank you! I’ll give it a try - I figure if I mess up I have 5 and a half months to make some form of booties for this baby!! :slight_smile: