Knitting avatars

Where did ya’ll find those cute knitting avatars?

I would also like to know, Please.

Go to Google and click on images. Then type in whatever you want (knitting, knitting sheep, etc)

Make sure you save the image to your own hard drive before using them.

Or you could make one…

I googled frog, and found this frog outline, and filled it in with a dark green knit pattern in my PSP.

Cause I frog alot. :oops:

Speaking of avatars… someone has Dr. House with a great quote that I wanted to read to my hubby-- anyone know who it is?

Now that I have found one that I like how do I resize it to use or how do I use it :pout:

Thanks xxx

After you have saved the image to your pc , you will need to open it in your paint program and resize it to 100pixels x 100pixels and save again, then go into your profile and you can browse for it on your pc and put it as your avatar.


Thanks Soooooooooo much it is kinda fuzzy but know I know what to do :muah: :balloons:

cool, i had to go get me one too.

I like your avatar AND your signature! That’s very cool.

i just doodled mine on paint. If it got too small (which it did) i zoomed in. If you look closely you can see my initials KA in the bottom right corner. :teehee:

I must be a total idiot! I resize and resize and it still says my avatar is too big. So, I will give up and be happy with my name only. Thanks for all the advice…I’m just computer challenged!

I got mine from Google Images. I just googled “cartoon sheep” and I got my avatar.


It is hard to get them to the 100 x 100 size, in the paint program that comes standard on most computers, I have paint shop pro that I use.
You can email me this avatar you want to use and I can size it down if you would like. Just PM me and I will give you my email info.

It’s Yarnmommy. :teehee: I love it, too!

WOOHOO!!! thanks a bunch! :muah: I’ve been wondering and wondering about how to do that! Yay! admires shiny new chococat avatar :woot:

Email it to me and I’ll do it for you. Email to

My avatar is a crop of I pic I took of my naughty Peanut. It wasn’t a setup photo, I found him like that after leaving the room for 2 seconds. Here’s what he and his foster brother were up to: