Knitting at the polls

I decided not to bring my knitting in when I saw how non-busy it was. I didn’t have to wait at all- just checked in then voted. And I went after work- I figured it would be a madhouse this year.

There are benefits to living in the middle of nowhere, I guess.

I voted early (3 weeks early!) and [I]wished[/I] I’d brought knitting…I had to wait half an hour to get my ballot!

I did knit my way through election returns on CNN. I thought for sure I’d finish my hat before I knew who the President-Elect would be, but the voters had other ideas!

Not only did I vote last week, but I worked as an election inspector at my local polling place. I wrote about my day and my crochet project on my website and have a picture of the project I almost finished that day! You can see it here if you want.

It was a productive and fun day!