Knitting at the polls

I had a 30 minute wait in line at the polls today. I brought along my On The Go knitting bag that I bought from Silver, and stood working on a sock until it was my turn. :knitting: :thumbsup:

Anybody else knitting at the polls today?

I’m going to vote after work and I’ve got a sock with me to knit while I’m waiting.

What a great idea! I voted last Friday- I considered bringing my knitting, but I brought my children instead. They were thrilled to come with me, but keeping them corralled kept me pretty busy. :slight_smile: They’re 4 and 6 years old.

What a great idea! And I know it’s a pain to wait in line but isn’t it wonderful to see so many people voting this year! It’s exciting!

I was SO bummed out
I got to my polling place and the line was 5 people long
took me longer to review the issues than to wait in line
not one stitch knit at the polls
and I forgot to bring the snack
Guess that is why I did not get a sticker
oh well
I voted

Here in WA most people vote absentee ballots so no poll for me, but I think that’s a great way to spend your waiting time if you have any.

No sticker?!? That’s just not right… But thanks for voting… it’s important…:muah:

My ds, dd, and parents all voted early this year, and all mentioned folks knitting in line…Dad said one lady had a row or two done when he got in line and pretty much had a scarf by the time she voted! They waited 3-4 hours last week.

I, on the other hand, went well-prepared, but only had long enough to barely cast on a project I’m starting. Oh well, at least I got that far. And got other things done today as well. :slight_smile:

I walked in voted walked out. There was 1 other person voting when I got there

I just got back from the polling place. We had a 30 minute or so wait in line and I pulled out my little portable knitting project and just went for it. No one in line said anything much but there was an older man sitting on the side with his (probably) grandson , about 6 or 7 years old, sitting next to him. I hear the little boy ask “What’s she doing?” and grandad answered “She’s knitting”. “What’s that?” asked the little one.

Grandad was fumbling for an answer so I called the little boy over and demonstrated a couple of stitches, showing him how you could weave things with a couple of sticks and some string!

He got it, and boy did his little face light up. He was so fascinated!!! Then grandad was telling him all the great things you could make with knitting!

That was a little bit of charm for me in a long wait in line! Maybe someday he’ll be a knitter, too? :woot:

:yay: Congrats to all who voted!

Happy knitting!
Ruthie :knitting:

I took my knitted mini christmas stockings that I am working on for momwolf that she is getting together for our soldiers overseas. I had 6 knitted that needed to be seamed together. I don’t like waiting in lines & don’t like seaming so did them at the same time. I got 3 seamed while waiting this morning. Now I have figured out to do them in the round! No more seaming!:woot:

Well I voted last week with DH and I was so rushed to get out the door that I forgot my “on the go” project. I had to wait about 30 minutes and was wishing for my knitting the entire time.

I had about a half hour wait and I was definitely knitting. I was almost glad of the line so I could get a bit of knitting in before going to work.

I went when the polls opened (6 a.m.) hoping to avoid an overly long line, so I did not take my knitting. Unfortunately, the machine designated for my district was broken, I had to wait for about an hour. A lady ahead of me in line had her crochet though. But I did get to vote (which was the most important thing).

Yay, Ruthie. :cheering: Voted (check), recruited a possible future knitter (check).

I LOVE this post!..only knitters would look forward to a 30-minute to 2-hour lineup, so they could knit.:yay:

I love Ruthie’s comment about showing a little boy her knitting. My 83-year old father knits, and it keeps him happily busy at the retirement home, where so many people just sit and stare out the window.

Yesterday I was attempting a new scarf pattern when he dropped by for his weekly visit. In no time at all, he was studying the pattern, telling me where to knit or purl, and finally, this morning: he phoned and asked me if I could copy out a few of those patterns for him to try. I like making bored people happy with knitting projects.

It’s contagious! Knit in a public place, and you can almost see people ready to jump out of their chairs and run to a LYS, haha. Gotta love it!

Gosh I wish I’d thought to grab my knitting. My Dad came to get us(he was coming from work), and we were in such a rush to get out that I didn’t even think to grab it.
I remember when I used to knit when I was still in high school. Everyone always asked what’s THAT. lol

I brought mine, but never brought it out in the almost hour I was there! I had to take my kids (3 & 1) and they kept me too busy to knit. I went when the baby was napping and brought his stroller, but he woke up as soon as we got around all the people. My 3-year-old played games on my phone and played with the girl behind us in line so if the baby had just stayed asleep, I would’ve been fine to knit! Oh well. My husband had a 2-hour wait with no kids. I’m sorta jealous of all that alone time to do whatever he wanted!


We had to wait about 20 minutes, but I was glad that I had an Oddball Baby Blanket to work on.

I heard on NPR on Monday, they were talking to a woman who went to vote [I]early[/I] and had to wait three hours. The announcers were shocked, but she said “I brought my knitting”.

Go knitters!

I missed knitting in line at the polls this year! My husband talked me into getting an absentee ballot this time, and I’ll never do it again. I love the cameraderie of standing in line with other voters in my community, sock in hand and knitting bag snapped to my belt loop!

I took my knitting with me, although I wasn’t sure how that was going to work standing in line – my maternity pants do not have pockets or a belt loop! I figured I’d work something out when I got there. :slight_smile:

Well, not only was there not a line, but we were immediately offered help and directed to the table to fill out the slips to get our ballots. In other words, no line, no waiting – I brought my little bag in for nothing! :rofl: