Knitting at the beach

How many of you knit at the beach? I did and it was sooooo relaxing in front of the waves. The rythm of it all was so soothing. Here’s some photos. My knitting, my son and his dad splashing in the ocean, and this huge tree stump just sittin there on the beach.

What beach is that femmy?

I live about 15 minutes from the beach but it lately it’s been a little too windy. I might try it towards the end of summer when it’s usually better weather.

Maybe for the time being I should try knitting at the lake?

Wow, that looks beautiful! It’s something I’ve got to try! :smiley:

I’m at the beach every weekend…However I am always being tugged on by one of the kids that I’m afraid to get sand in my projects…

Maybe next time I’ll work on the market bag I’ve been wanting to make FOR the beach!!! :slight_smile:

We go to a lake beach but I always have knitting with me when I go. My kids are old enough that they can go in the water and swim while I knit. My fave thing to do on a hot day!

I was at the Outer Banks the week before last, but I was too scared to bring my knitting. It’s too windy, too much sand, and I didn’t entirely trust my cousins not to abscond with my sweater (on my Options!) and run into the ocean. :teehee:

I haven’t knit at the beach yet but I’m sure I will eventually. Sounds very relaxing.

It’s outside Tillamook at Cape Mears. I think this particular beach is called Bay Ocean spit. It’s a wierd little strip of land like a huge sandbar that you have to drive aaaaaallll the way around to get to. Lots of Birds there, some kind of vulture things, and cranes and funky black sea birds. Lots of flowers. And a lighthouse. Very quiet. Hardly any people. Not windy. Water warm enough to body surf in.

I love to knit at the beach, river, etc. I’m going to be surfing for 10 days in Mexico next week and I have a pair of socks I’m starting just for the occasion. :slight_smile: I love summer…

I did it our last beach vacation (last summer at the Outer Banks). I enjoyed it, but I found sand in the bottom of my knitting bag and in my yarn and project afterward. Stiney my DH would be envious of your vacation last week. He could go to the OBX every year, but I persuaded him to take me to Santa Fe this year!

My dad’s family does go every year. :teehee: They rent the same house, even.

I don’t get to go every year, and I probably won’t go next year. I love it there, too, though.

I’m headed to the beach next month and wondered if I dare try “beach knitting”. This past spring I did some beach knitting but the weather was much cooler. I figure I’ll work on a small project like a hat.

I’m going to Puerto Rico in a month and would really like to bring my knitting by my son, 13 months, thinks they are toys and wants to play too :oo:. My DH and I are getting some time alone (son will be with my mom) for a couple nights so I’ll knit then.

I can think of better things to do with DH on a couple of nights alone…:heart::heart:

On second thought…:think:

LOL!:roflhard: My husband would be grumpy :mad: if I brought knitting on a trip without the kids. I’m sure he would have other ideas.:heart::heart::heart: Although it sounds kind of nice to me, my son (19 months) likes to try and help me knit too!

I took my knitting to Reid State Park in Maine, but I discovered a drawback that had nothing to do with sand in my knitting. I went swimming to cool off, then sat down to knit. I pushed a knitting needle through my waterlogged thumb. Oops. :rofl:

I would be to chicken to take my knitting to the beach. :pout:

I live outside of San Diego and I take my knitting to the beach in Oceanside all the time. Nothing complicated or delicate, usually a discloth or something of the like.

I just moved out here in October and I remember when the idea of bringing knitting to the beach. I thought nah, it will just get messed up…but the sand comes right off. I am so glad I dared to knit at the beach!

I LURVE knitting on the beach…it is beyond relaxing and just nice. I look at it as a productive way to get a tan