Knitting At Appleby's

I checked into the hotel and walked over to Appleby’s for dinner and a few beers. I’m an irregular regular there so they all know me.

I took my knitting along, the Irish hiking scarf, and worked on it while I enjoyed a few beers. Predictably several of the female employees came over to check out my knitting and fawned over it. A couple of the female customers also stopped by to make comments.

Naturally I was enjoying myself quite a bit. :lol:

At one point this young guy sitting a couple of stools down from me asked “Does that always happen?” I asked what he was talking about. “You know, the girls coming over and talking to you about THAT” pointing to my knitting.

I told him that yeah, it happens a lot. He said maybe he should learn how to knit. :rofling:

too cute… :waving: flirt!!:poke:

Hey, it’s what I do. :rofling:

Hehe. You should’ve given those guys a lesson so they could pick up some girls for themselves.:teehee:

ETA: I was just looking at your blog Mason and your scarf looks great! Love the yarn you’re using.

We need a blue one of these just for Mason. :flirt:


Thanks Kaydee, I really like the tarn, It looks better in person than in that pic.

Chel. Blue?

That’s great , thanks for sharing!

That’s funny! And Kaydee’s right–you should have offered to teach them so they could use it to pick up women! :lol:

Your scarf is lovely. And, based on what you wrote, maybe cables would be easy for me to learn…

Edited to add:

I just shared this story w/the Husband. He then asked me if I’d teach him how to knit…and then said, “Maybe I should ask someone else.” Good thing he’s cute!


Way to be Mason!:cheering:
Maybe they should rename that branch “Knittlebees”:teehee:

Funny, how a guy gets hit on when he knits and when I a 40 yr old woman knits, I’m told I’m old!

How does that work? :think:


Mason, your scarf looks wonderful so far.

ready2knit: Weird how that works huh?

Heh, Mason, whenever I knit in public like that I get into the weirdest conversations, mostly being stared at like I have a third head or something. but then, here in rural Idaho, it’s not real common to see a guy knitting, not that it’s more common anywhere else.


Mason, you’re too cute!

Funny, how a guy gets hit on when he knits and when I a 40 yr old woman knits, I’m told I’m old!

How does that work? :thinking:

LOL, my man thinks it’s [I]hot[/I] that I knit, which I find hysterical. But he’s also the type that thinks me being a good mom is a turn-on :wink: Totally old fashioned.

Mason, I love it! I can’t find a “male” flirting icon, but this one came to mind after reading your story:

That’s fabulous Mason! :rofl:

See, when I taught my 24-year old brother to knit, I told him it would attract chicks like nobody’s business. He didn’t believe me and he never knits. I should send him this thread …

Plus, then maybe he’ll finish this sweater I have for him waiting to be assembled, needs like a million intarsia ends woven in…

:rofl::rofl::rofl:Now we all know why Mason learned to knit!!!