Knitting as torture

Ha ha. So last summer I made this little pair of sandal sockettes. They turned out so cute and everybody I show them to goes “Ohhhh look how sweet these are!” So, as I am going to try and sell stuff this summer at some markets & crafts fairs… I’ve been experimenting with different things to make and

thought these little sockettes would go over big. ! Am I crazy?! They are TORTURE to work on. I’m on the third day on the first one and how much could I charge anyway! I think I’ll just keep them for myself…

(even though they are torturous (spelling?) to do esp that toe, it’s such a challenge I can’t put them down)

Take a look:

I think they are really cute! Lots of work though!
Also, I’m not sure you can sell knit things made with someone else’s pattern. If you do it, just change the pattern somewhat so it’s not exactly the same.

Those are really cute!

I think you can sell things you make, unless the pattern maker specifies that things made from the pattern cannot be sold (some charity patterns are like that). After all, the labor and the materials were yours. However, you can’t sell the pattern itself, unless the author gives you permission.

I really like those!! Where could I find the pattern? I’d love to make some, ‘cause I’m always game for a little torturous knittin’. :smiley: samm


You have such cute little piggies. :smiley: Sorry to hear that the sockettes are such a pain, though!! Kinda like tiny little mittens, eh?

Yeah… I never made mittens but I guess they’re like that…

I also couldn’t figure out the pattern when they said to increase for the bar between the toes, I just ignored it on the first pair then did it on this 2nd pair but I don’t think it’s necessary. Also, I crocheted a band around the top to keep it tighter on the foot, it wasn’t long or snug enough.

Samm, below is the pattern BUT it’s a pdf file. If you don’t want to open it directly you can also go to and scroll down to Short Toed Socklets (it’s also a pdf file). It’s a Regia pattern and calls for regia striped yarn but I used my own different yarns.

here’s the link:

I didn’t even wear these once ! but maybe I will this summer. They’re so silly they’re fun.

P.S.  OOPS I just saw that Julie!  Cute little piggies!  Moi???

:rofling: :oops: :rofling: Well thankya mam!

Aylaanne… thanks for your input/info! I do know about the pattern thing, a lot of patterns state you can’t even sell the finished object without the creator’s (creator? desinger) permission. One of the magazines, Interweave or Vogue did an issue on what copyright means and they said that. So, basically since I want to sell stuff this summer I’m trying to make up patterns / things myself, or kind of combine a bunch of stuff… OR look for really old patterns or from Mars…

:thinking: :happydance:

you know.

Well, that pattern doesn’t say you can’t sell the finished product, so sell away. It only says that you can’t reproduce the PATTERN. That applies to the written work. Like, you couldn’t copy the pattern and paste it here, regardless that it’s free. However, you can do what you did, and paste the URL.

But the actual product of the knitting is yours to sell, as long as you don’t pretend that you made up the pattern yourself.

Cool! Well thank you! I wasn’t sure about that. (are you a lawyer) he he

Appreciate the clarification!    Good news!   :cheering:

I love the socklets, I am making a pair right now myself. They are quite a pain compared to what I thought they’d be. Yours are very cute though!

I :heart: love :heart: love them!! I was going to knit some last summer & forgot…perhaps I will have to give them a try this year…you have inspired me :wink:

Where where where can I find the pattern!!!??? I’m anxiously waiting to find out! samm

Cute feet! :smiley: Oh and the socklets are cute too. I may make a pair if I decide to wear some sandals that have a toe thingy this summer.

Oh so cute! I want some. I have a few suggestions if you are planning on selling them:

– since they would be worn in the spring/summer, use a natural fiber (like a superwash sock yarn). The thought of acrylic with sandals is making my feet sweat.

– if you make them so they don’t cover any toenails, you could market them as pedicure cozies (to keep your tootsies warm while you are getting a pedicure).


Thanks Candice!!! Well, I would NEVER use acrylic, yuk too much trouble I mean work to use that. This is only my 2nd pair but I love wool and I found they’re not too hot unless it’s a 90 degree day. Superwash wool is a good idea, I don’t know if mine is, I’ll have to check. The one I just did turned out great… finishing up the 2nd one and will post a pic.

Rebecca, missed that comment about inspiring you! Yes you have to try them ,you’ll love them, they make you giggle. With all the socks you do they’ll be a breeze for you anyhow.

I think you should make me a pair and then I should go get a pedicure to test this idea!


Oooo … I’m thinking a nice mercerized cotton or perhaps Shine from knitpicks would be good, too!! Think how soft!

Victoise, those are so cute!!! :inlove: I’ve never seen those before, how sweet!

FYI, for future pairs you can make the ribbing stretchier/snugger by 1) doing k2p2 instead of k1p1, it’s the most elastic, and 2) going down 2 needle sizes when doing the ribbing, something I do by habit. (Just don’t forget to switch to the larger size when you start doing the stockinette. For some reason this can be hard to remember! :lol:)

Right, I’ll get right on it! :XX: :shock: You.

Actually, when I used to get pedicures there was way too much water going on and cream and stuff so I’m not sure how that would work!
Funny, the first one I made on Thurs - Sun seemed so difficult but I wasn’t feeling well. Started the 2nd one yesterday and I’ll be done with it today, went REALLY fast.

Course I haven’t bothered to try it on. :rollseyes:

That a great tip Amy! (Hey how come you didn’t see this last year!!?)

I didn’t know k2 p2 ribbing was both stretchier/snugger, I’ll have to try that. This pair I decided to do ribbing not only at the top but at the bottom, near the toes. Not the big toe, just the other part. I think it looks better coz the first one rolled at the edge (and that’s the way the pattern was written which goes to show ya…)
Think I"ll try k2,p2 next time, see what that looks like. Maybe I’ll sell these after all.

Julie yeah cotton would be the next one for me to try. I used some Knitpicks wool the purple, and then other stuff I had around. These are great for little bits of yarn that you usually have.

Here’s the progress: