Knitting as the new diet

I have just discovered that I lost weight over this Christmas. Believe me, this is a first. I genuinely think some of it is down to knitting because I no longer pick at food all evening as I am too absorbed in my knitting.

I think I should write a new knitting diet book and storm the world!


I know what you mean. When I’m struggling with wanting to snack, knitting really helps me keep my mind and my hands busy enough that I can resist the urge…well, sometimes. :slight_smile:

Good idea. You could have a chapter on extreme weight loss that emphasizes knitting while walking or jogging. :lol:

Maybe, but there’s knitting while watching tv and having a glass of wine and some dark chocolate… Though I just nibble on the chocolate.

I tend to “put off” eating while I knit because my hands are busy. I don’t think I gained any weight this past holiday season, which is a first.

Remember, we don’t forget to eat, we just keep telling ourselves “I’ll take a bite after I finish this row”.

Hee hee - yes, this works! When you’re knitting, you can’t get stuff on your hands (no greasy chips - that’s a weakness of mine). So even if you are nibbling, you can’t eat as fast…

This is so totally me. I don’t forget to eat. I just keep putting it off till I’m “finished.”

No fair, you got to my idea ahead of me! :wink:

Mind you, I haven’t gotten as far as you yet, I don’t think I’ve actually lost any weight! :smiley:

Yes, that is me as well. However, once I finish a row, I immediately switch my needles and continue on…

I totally agree! I didn’t gain weight over this holiday season either (though I also didn’t bake cookies…cause I was knitting!)

But I’ve noticed I eat less cause I do the “I’ll take a bite after I finish this row” bit. If only there was a knitting exercise on WiiFit, I’d be all set!

I constantly kid my kids about getting a WiiKnit. It’s OK, because they already think I’ve lost my mind.

Well, now that I think more on this famous quote, it really doesn’t work for me because I knit at night in bed, once all the daily meals are already consumed…:teehee:

WiiKnit? That’s hilarious!!! :rofl:

At my physical this past Tuesday my doctor told me I’d lost 22lbs. since the last visit. He asked what I’d been doing and outside of watching my portions, and trying to stretch the food budget by limiting snacks, nothing.

Now seeing this thread I’m thinking that knitting also could have contributed. I too, don’t want crumbs and grease on my hands and wait until I finish rows (or repeats) before I’ll get up from my project.

…hmm, if I combine knitting with some exercise…

it does help… when our crew gathers there’s always a lot of high fat/high sodium OUCH MY ARTERIES type foods…

i didn’t eat the entire weekend… just pulled out my knitting (yes, i ate on the way home, had dh stop so i could get some yogurt).

this past holiday season i’ve managed to lose around 10 pounds… both in my waist and in my stash!

Just yesterday my brother wanted to eat supper and he was telling me to put the needles down already and get something to eat. I kept repeating “just one more row…” until I realized that I was indeed hungry.

I didn’t eat much since I wanted to get to my needles at once. :smiley:

I’m the one trying to figure out how to knit on the treadmill. I’ve given up trying to find a way while I swim. It will never work. :roflhard:

Ha, I always thought that knitting would be a good weight loss solution. In one of debbie macomber’s blossom street books one of the character uses knitting a a means of loosing weight. Guess it really does work :slight_smile: