Knitting as Punishment

from this article

An 89-year-old grandmother who went on a tire-wrecking spree in her street has been ordered to knit jumpers for her victims.
Heidi Kohl, from western Germany, was arrested after one neighbour spotted her slashing the tires on a car. She later confessed that she had resorted to drastic measures after becoming “fed up” with so many drivers parking in her neighbourhood.
Kohl was initially told that she would be fined for her behaviour, but authorities came up with the more unusual punishment after the woman claimed she would be unable to pay.
A spokeswoman confirmed: "When she’s knitted the sweaters, then the matter will be over for us."
Kohl is believed to have wrecked 50 tires in total. Prosecutors have said that she will not offend again as she has since been moved to a retirement home.

Not sure what I would think in the same position… I bet some knitters would be thrilled to knit as punishment, and certainly wouldn’t consider it as such… For me, it would definitely suck. I love to knit, but that’s overkill for me.:teehee:

I wonder if she has to pay for the supplies too…

Even the most wonderful things can stink when you’re forced to do them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure that it’s like “community service” to work off the debt, rather than “punishment” per se…

I was wondering the same thing. Though, there is a possibility that if she is anything like many of us here, she already has a considerably large stash.

If her stash is big enough to make them all depends on how many tires she slashed!

Knitting 50 sweaters :thud:

That seems like overkill to me. I’d never ever get it done if I was already 89 year. I knit to slow.

How weird. I wonder if she will make them really ugly on purpose!?

I like the idea that someone has to do something nice for the person they harmed. I wonder if the people will wear them.

Real punishment would be having the people unravel them then burn the yarn in front of her when she’s done. Gosh I am feeling a little evil this morning I think. :twisted:

:roflhard: Oh, that’s just CRUEL!!!

OMG thats brilliant.

Love the burning it idea, but seems a tad harsh, although depends if she’s sorry i guess, or not in a right mental state. i know how my gran was in her late 80’s, she started being verbally very very nasty. Could just be another way of ageing for some.

Yeah, there’s no way I could burn a little old ladies work like that. My grandfather suffered from dementia and I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

Honestly, I think I would prefer she pay for my tire.

Sheesh. Depending on the yarn she chooses, knitting a sweater could easily cost her MORE than buying the tire.

that is just bizarre.

But. . .I think I would prefer the tire so that I could drive to work.