Knitting as art

I would like to knit something to hang on my wall. I’m not sure what, or even how to display it or what materials to use. (I am considering trying a fine gauge wire.) Has anyone ever made somehting like this? If so, do you have any pics?
I googled Knitted Wall Art, but nothing came back.
Thanks for your help!

Cool idea! I’ll be curious to see what kind of responses you get!!

I suggest looking at the book, “Unexpected Knitting”, by Debbie New. You can’t help getting all kinds of ideas from it.

Doesn’t Habu Textiles sell a special yarn that is steel wrapped with wool? Someone on Craftster was making incredicle sculpture-like items with it. I think her name is Olgajazzy.

I see steel wrapped with silk too-

Wow, steel wrapped wool. How awesome! That is definately a great idea. Thanks!

My background is in jewelry (MFA). Knitting was a second love for me and inasmuch, I was incredibly fortunate to take classes from Arline Fisch. She has written the seminal book, Textile Techniques in Metal which covers instruction on how to knit with wire. There are some amazing pictures in the book of people who have knitted in wire and how they do it. Despite all my training, I have been unsuccessful.

Another of her books worth going through is Crocheted Wire Jewelry. Now I know you may not necessarily want to make jewelry, but again, you will see the possiblities of crocheted wire.

There are also resources listed in the back of the book of companies that sell various gauges of colored, workable wires.